Myths – Year 7

5 February 2021

The theme for Year 7’s English this term is storytelling. This includes work on myths, legends and traditional tales.

The students created their own poems inspired by the transformation and morality myths they have studied. I really enjoyed reading the myths this week. The children have all worked so hard on their writing and I have been very impressed! I was also very pleased with the artwork produced to accompany their poems. Lots of detail and creativity was on display.


Mrs Cooke 

Arachne – Mathew


Arachne was very proud

as she was the best weaver around

She gloated that she was better than Athena

Which made her even meaner

She maddened the goddess

Who came down in fancy dress


She challenged her to a duel

In the art of weaving wool

Athena was good but Arachne was better

This made Athena as mad as an angry red setter

They weaved through the day and judged through the night

Arachne’s picture gave Athena a terrible fright

The picture proved of the Gods wrong

This made Athena’s haltered even more strong


In the moment of her rage

She turned her gaze

To turn Arachne into a spider


Arachne – Isaac L

A hall of stone pillars

Of rich tapestry

Hung there by proud Arachne

With an artist’s proud glee


One in a corner

All dusty and alone

Hiding in the shadows

Barely on show


Produced by Athena

With infinite care

And the threads of that tapestry

Are shining and fair


In the dark corners

Where nobody goes

Arachne’s latest works

Are now on show


Made of glistening strands of silver

Perfect cobwebs

But the talent of Arachne

Is now put to bed


For Athena got angry

With Arachne’s pride

And turned her into a spider

On that web she now resides


No longer rich coloured weaving

Mocking the gods

But the tapestries still hang

Made of very rich cloth


The daughter of a weaver – Alecia


A daughter of a weaver

Rages the gods

Athena the god of crafting filled with rage

Caring for her work Arachne smiles in vain

Heavenly artwork made of cobwebs

Now the once beautiful weaver is a little bug

Even though Arachne is now a spider her weaving was still exquisite


Arachne – Ziva


Arachne was a gifted girl

Who lived in Ancient Greece

She weaved from thread, great tapestries

Each one a masterpiece


Amazed by her work

People couldn’t help but say

“This must be a chosen gift”

They were a beautiful array



Fed up by this Arachne said

How she did this herself

The talent was home-bred


One midsummer day a challenge arose

The weavers sat

And threaded the rows


Perfecting their pieces

They worked for hours

As they were competing

For the glory towers


Arachne tied-off her beautiful piece

As Athena stood in awe

She shook her head in disbelief


Athena’s jealousy greater than ever

But she was very clever