Our Immersion Experience

22 June 2021

We are five immersion students in year twelve, coming for a month to learn English and to experience boarders’ lives. 


First of all, because of Covid, we had to quarantine with the other international students, younger than us and who came for the same reasons as us. We were expecting to spent a boring week, but we had the occasion to go to the lake, play outdoor games, and the weather was really enjoyable. This week was a good way to get to know each other and discover the school. 


Then began the “real experience“, as we changed houses and went in our ages groups ones: Westmorland House for us, the year twelves. We had our first lessons and discovered subjects that do not exist in our countries such as psychology, TOK, and biology. We got to meet people of different countries living in our flats in the house while playing ping pong, pool and going out on Saturday evening. 


This experience is incredibly enriching as we get to speak English a lot and discover the culture. However, we find it quite difficult to speak English while we are with people of our nationalities, even though we should do it as it is much better if we want to talk altogether. It is something we have to work on. 


To conclude, being here is good to learn English and if you like to spend your whole time with friends. It is a chance to be here, and all of us enjoy it as much as possible. 


– Gabrielle B, Arthur G, Paulo F, Leo B and Albane D