Pirate Maths Adventure

15 January 2021

At the start of the week Year 3 received a mysterious letter with a challenge enclosed:


You are going on a solo sailing expedition, crossing the rough waters from Waterhead, down past Bowness and on down to Newby Bridge.

You can only take a certain weight of food with you otherwise your boat may sink.

Using the ingredients from your kitchen cupboards, can you calculate what you could take with you?

Look at the jars and packets. There will be a weight written on the label.

You must take a variety of food items and some form of liquid.

(1ml of water weighs 1g, 50ml water weighs 50g, 100ml water weighs 100g)


Add up the different weights until you reach: –

Mild Chilli – 500g

Warm Chilli – 1000g (1kg)

Hot Chilli – 10000g (10kg)

Choose which ‘Chilli’ weight you’d like to take with you and start adding. Try to get as close to the target weight as you can, or you may be made to walk the plank!


Thankfully, our Year 3 are quite amazing at weight and addition and no one was made to walk the plank, this time….