Windermere School Celebrates GCSE Results 2023

24 August 2023

There were celebrations at Windermere School today after pupils received their GCSE results. Despite the expected downturn in results as we see a return to pre-pandemic grades across the country, Windermere School pupils have managed an impressive performance.

68% of all grades being awarded at levels 9-6/ A*-B. In addition, over 47% of all grades were a level 7/ grade A or higher and over 30% of awards were at the highly coveted level 8/ grade A* or above. The overall pass rate of grades awarded at level 4/ grade C was 91%.

There were several excellent performances, including Oscar J, and Poppy B who achieved an amazing set of outcomes with level 8s and 9s/A* across the board.

We are also delighted with the (I)GCSE results achieved by our Year 10 pupils. 50% of the one-year Chemists in Year 10 achieved a level 7 or above, and particular mention should go to Maise D, Aarupi J and Edie J in Year 10 who achieved a top level 9.

The school offers a mixture of IGCSEs and GCSEs which suits the pupils well. Universities draw no distinction between the two examinations types and the mixture ensures that the school can continue to offer courses to the pupils which are best suited to their aspirations.

Windermere School has always demonstrated a consistently high value-added score, and this year was no exception when the figure was a notable +0.667. This figure means that pupils are achieving well over a half grade above their nationally standardised GCSE CAT4 predictions.

Interim Head, Jenny Davies said, “This year see’s the return to pre-pandemic marking and as such our results are a very satisfying ending to the academic year, combined with the success of our International Baccalaureate pupils earlier in the summer. We are a non-selective school, and these results are a testament to the hard work for both pupils and staff. Our Year 11s can now approach the next exciting stage of their academic careers with confidence.”


Headline statistics:

· 36% of grades were awarded at a level 8 / grade A* or above.

· 47% of grades were awarded at a level 7 / grade A or above.

· 69% of grades were awarded at a level 6/ grade B and above.

· 91% of grades were awarded at a level 4 / grade C or above.


Windermere School GCSE Results 2023

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