Year 3 – Poetry

10 February 2021

Last week, Year 3 created some amazing 5,4,3,2,1 poems after heading into the great outdoors on a bitterly cold day looking for inspiration.
The poem pattern had to follow the rule: Number – Adjective – Alliteration with noun – Noun
But it was also ok to break those rules if they thought another word worked better!
Five white, smooth, silky snowdrops
Four metallic grey, ragged rocks
Three beige, prickly pinecones
Two brown, stubby, still sticks
One chirpy red-breasted robin
Zeke L
Five furry shivering sheep
Four massive magical mountains
Three white special stones
Two brown talking trees
One wonderful wizarding wand
Alfie H 
Five hard heavy hazelnuts
Four green grassy leaves
Three muddy mound molehills
Two soft snowy snowdrops
One brown broken stick
Siddhartha R
Five white and wintery snowdrops
Four small slimy toadstools
Three grey grimy stones
Two brown broken pieces of wood
One watery wintery ice chicken
Ray H
Five nutty knobbly beechnuts
Four white wintery snowdrops
Three spiky spindly twigs
Two green grimy leaves
One brown broken hazelnut
Edward B