Year 6 Wild Camp

12 September 2022

Wild camp is an annual experience and rite of passage for all our Year 6 children. It is a fantastic opportunity to develop teamwork skills, and to help Year 6 step up to their role as leaders of the junior School.  Year 6 walked into the beautiful valley of Mickleden in Langdale and were completely self-sufficient for a night.

Quotes from the children:

Mollie: “Wild Camp was so fun because we were with our friends.  I really enjoyed it.  The food was really good.”

Vincent: “I really enjoyed Wild Camp because I loved the food.  I had never eaten this type of food before.  I was nervous about Wild Camp but the night walk was really good.”

Harry: “Wild Camp was quite nice.  It has it’s ups and downs seeing as it rained A LOT on Thursday but when it stopped raining it was quite enjoyable!  We all enjoyed it especially the food!  And on the way back the weather was nice.”

Joss: “I really enjoyed Wild Camp because Mrs Roberts and my friends were really supportive.  I was nervous about Wild Camp because I have  never had to carry a super heavy rucksack on a  2 hour walk but it went really quickly when I was chatting to my friends and having fun.”

Oliver: “I enjoyed Wild Camp because I loved the food and sitting in the dark at night and the peace and quiet.”

Eve: “Wild Camp was fabulous although I was really nervous about it but when Natalee and Mollie said to me don’t worry I got a bit more confident with staying out.”

Louis: “I was really nervous about Wild Camp but Harry was a brilliant friend and helped me overcome my fears.  The night walk was amazing.  You could see the outline of the mountains and the stars in the dark sky above.”

Natalee: “Wild Camp was fun because we set up camp and the food was tasty.  At bed time, Eve and I had problems sleeping but Mollie saved the day!”