Year 9 – Strava Adventure

26 November 2020

It was Strava competition time for Year 9 during their Adventure lesson this week.

They were split into 5 teams and each individual had to run, walk or bike for an hour. Every kilometre they covered counted for 1 point and every metre of height gain counted for 1 point. Many students planned routes that involved a lot of height gain to maximise their points, and there were some impressive efforts.

Team 5 – Amelie, Ben, James, Nuala and Zima were the clear winners, with a fantastic combined points score of 1731.

Special mention goes to Ben P who had the highest individual number of points, with some hard core biking up and down the hills where he lives, and to Nuala who had the second-highest individual points score, and joined the webinar from most of the way up Seat Sandal having gone for extreme height gain.

Well done to everyone for taking part and getting some quality exercise.

The Adventure Team