Bonfire Night 2020

13 November 2020

On Friday 6 November, the boarders were treated to a great event full of lights, a bonfire, food, and much more.

Instead of a normal tea, the boarders were treated to burgers, candyfloss, and doughnuts. Next to the food was a Nerf gun battlefield which lots of boarders took part in. To go along with this, we had bright lights shining everywhere and music playing to add to the vibrant atmosphere. In the Westmorland car park, there was a big bonfire, where teachers and students gathered to talk, catch up, and eat their food.

The atmosphere was great. You could feel everyone relaxing, having fun, and forgetting about their troubles. Even though we had to follow the COVID guidelines we all felt that we were all together and part of the community.

Here is some feedback on what the boarders thought:

‘I really enjoyed the lights and the food and overall, the whole event’ – Natasha and Rain

‘I loved it and it was entertaining and I think it was a great end to the week’ – Katerina

‘It was really good to spend time with friends outside of school time’ – Libby

‘It was nice to see my brothers and catch up with them, even if we had to be socially distanced’ – Tilly

To conclude in a world that is currently going through a lot, the event was a great way to forget about it and just have fun. I would like to thank all the people who helped organise the event and the kitchen staff for going above and beyond with the food.

Mayumi Singh