Exploring Ullswater: A Successful Bronze DofE Final Expedition

10 May 2024

In the heart of the Lake District, nestled amidst stunning natural beauty, lies Ullswater, a gem of the English countryside. Recently, our Bronze DofE team embarked on a challenging journey around this picturesque lake as their final expedition, setting out to complete the Ullswater Way—a formidable 23-mile hike. The goal was clear: to navigate the rugged terrain, camp at Side Farm Patterdale, and embrace the spirit of self-sufficiency along the way.

Every aspect, from navigation to cooking, camping arrangements to decision-making, was entrusted to the capable hands of the pupils. Of course, safety remained paramount, with the Adventure team diligently tracking their progress via GPS and providing support at designated checkpoints throughout both days.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the tranquil waters of Ullswater, the weary but determined group gathered at Side Farm for a peaceful night in their tents.

Mother Nature was in a good mood the following day, blessing the expedition with warm temperatures, light clouds and blissfully dry conditions. Perfect walking weather, one might say—a stroke of luck that undoubtedly enhanced the overall experience.

Heavy packs weighing down shoulders, fatigued limbs, the occasional misstep in navigation—these trials tested the resilience of our adventurers. And yet, that is the beauty of these adventures. It’s the overcoming of obstacles, the pushing of personal boundaries, that renders the journey so immensely gratifying.

I am thrilled to announce that every member of this year’s Bronze cohort emerged triumphant, passing their final assessment with flying colours. With newfound proficiency in camping, cooking, navigation and self-care during extended hikes, these individuals stand poised to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead.

Looking ahead, I eagerly anticipate guiding each participant through the remaining requirements of the Bronze Award, whether it be in the Physical, Voluntary or Skills section. Together, we’ll continue to foster growth, resilience, and a spirit of adventure.

Until next time, keep exploring, keep pushing boundaries, and keep embracing the journey.

– Mr Reedy, Outdoor Instruction Teacher


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