Scaling New Heights: Students Conquer Challenging Climbing Skills!

25 April 2024

As a Mountaineering Instructor of 37 years, I did something today which I have never done for work before…

There are three very competent climbers in the Sixth Form, one of which is visiting from France for a month. All three students expressed their interest in learning to lead climb with leader placed protection. I wrote to each of their parents explaining exactly what this entails, gaining their permission to open the door to the amazing world of Trad climbing.

We spent the afternoon at the magnificent Black Crag which is on Pike O’ Blisco, leaving school at 1pm and arriving back at 5:30pm, all three students led a climb.

The photo below shows you exactly what we did today: one student leading on double ropes, another student belaying that climber and another belaying a safety rope. The orange rope enabled me to abseil down and give the students advice on the protection they were placing in the rock.

The next steps are for them to learn how to build a belay and improve on their skills placing gear in the rock.

It was a brilliant day in the sun. They all learnt that Trad climbing isn’t easy, but all three students did extremely well.

– Mr Platt, Head of Outdoor Education


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