Windermere School Sports Day 2024: A Day of Records, Sunshine and Celebration!

27 June 2024

Windermere School’s Sports Day 2024 was a spectacular success, held on the warmest day of the year so far, June 25. The event was held at Salt Ayre, bathed in glorious sunshine, providing the perfect facilities for a day filled with athletic achievements and spirited competition.

The excitement kicked off in the morning with the field events that showcased our pupils’ talents and determination. The competition was fierce, with pupils participating in the long jump, high jump, discus, javelin and shot put. By the end of the morning, the scores were remarkably close, reflecting the high level of skill and effort from all participants.

Two significant school records were shattered during the morning session. Josh achieved a remarkable feat by breaking the junior high jump record, setting a new standard for future athletes. Similarly, Jack from Year 6 made history by surpassing the Junior School high jump record. Congratulations to both for their outstanding performances!

Our incredible catering team deserves immense praise for providing a fantastic BBQ lunch that kept everyone fuelled for the afternoon events. The delicious spread was enjoyed by staff and pupils, ensuring everyone was ready to give their best in the upcoming track events. A heartfelt thank you to our catering team for their hard work and dedication!

The afternoons track events kicked off with thrilling hurdles, followed by an array of events including relays, sprints and long-distance runs. The highlight of the track events was the breaking of even more school records. Lavinia, an integral part of our Senior Council and our Head of School, set a new record in the 800 meters, demonstrating her remarkable speed and endurance. Year 12 student Oscar added to the excitement by breaking two additional records, showcasing his exceptional athletic abilities. A huge well done to both!

The support from our pupils was unwavering throughout the whole day, with cheers and encouragement echoing across Salt Ayre. The spectator zone was a busy hub of banners, flags, face paints and house chants. A special mention goes to Year 13 student Steven, whose dedication was evident as he flew in from India just to participate in Sports Day. Steven’s commitment is a testament to the spirit and unity of the Windermere School community.

As the events concluded, the entire school gathered eagerly to hear the final results. It was Cavendish House that emerged victorious, earning the coveted title for 2024. Congratulations to Cavendish and to all the houses for their incredible efforts and sportsmanship!

We must also extend our heartfelt congratulations to our victors and victrices ludorum: Oscar, Lavinia, Seb and Ava. Their support for their houses, coupled with their outstanding efforts and performances, has earned them these prestigious titles!

The success of Sports Day 2024 would not have been possible without the planning and passion of our sports department, a huge thank you to everyone involved! Thank you to the many staff members who attended and ensured the smooth running of the day, officiated, cheered everyone on, recorded scores and got on the microphone as announcers!

A special thank you goes to our Head of PE, Ms Ellery. This being her first sports day at Windermere School, Ms Ellery’s remarkable organisation and enthusiasm made it an unforgettable day. Her commitment to ensuring everything ran smoothly was evident and appreciated by all. Ms Ellery, your hard work and dedication made Sports Day 2024 truly exceptional, you are an inspiration to us all at Windermere and we cannot wait for many sports day with you!

Ms Ellery remarked on her first sports day at Windermere School: “I am immensely proud of the way that all of our pupils approached sports day. There was a phenomenal energy at Salt Ayre, thanks to their outstanding house spirit, sportsmanship and willingness to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. During our reflection before sports day, we looked at a quote from Olympian Flora Duffy, who described the symbolism of the Olympic rings as:

“Uniting people from all over the world to come together in one place, striving to be their best selves”

I could not think of a more apt quote to describe Windermere School Sports Day, and this was epitomised by the monumental efforts that one of our students, Steven, went to – flying in from India just to be involved. Our fabulous house captains put in weeks of work preparing their teams and ensuring that their houses were represented in each event. They are fantastic figure-heads and role models, and played an integral part in the great success of the day. A huge well done and thank you to all involved. I’m already looking forward to next year!”

Here’s to many more successful sports days, and to the continued growth and achievements of our talented pupils. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making Sports Day 2024 a truly remarkable event!

Windermere School Sports Day 2024


Windermere School Sports Day 2024


Windermere School Sports Day 2024




Windermere School Sports Day 2024


Windermere School Sports Day 2024

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