Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Training trip 2024

26 March 2024

On Saturday, 23 March, some of our Year 9 pupils set off on an expedition in preparation for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. It was a fantastic trip with its fair share of bad weather. All of the participating pupils did extremely well, showing a great level of skill and ability.

The groups loaded up their bags with clothing, waterproofs, and food and were then driven to the start of their walking routes. The distances walked varied with the odd wrong turn, but corrections were swiftly made, and all groups were at the climbing club hut, Tranearth, below the Coniston fells by 17:30. The hut provided a great sanctuary for the groups, with a coal stove being brought to life and all of the pupils cooking on their camp stoves inside the hut kitchen.

The evening was then spent route planning for the following day, as well as a good old sing-along led by Charlie on the hut’s (nearly in tune) guitar. The tents had already been pitched around the hut, and with the wind still blowing, the group was given the option to either sleep in their tents or in the bunk rooms within the hut. Everyone chose to brave the tents and settled in for a proper English camping experience. A huge well done to everyone. It was fantastic to see those who were finding the camping and walking easy helping others who were finding things hard. We had pupils volunteering to help pitch tents. Food was shared, and everyone was made to feel equal. The morning’s plan was to leave camp by 09:00, and at 09:07, we were ready for departure… another fantastic effort.

On Sunday morning, the groups set off with remote supervision from the Windermere staff, heading into Grizedale Forest, with the finish point being Grizedale Visitor Centre. Sunday’s glorious sunny weather gave everyone’s morale a huge boost, with their jackets, hats, and gloves from the day before being stored away in their rucksacks. All of the groups navigated confidently through the forest and were even lucky enough to find Mr. Thompson, who was also out making the most of the good weather and the chance to see Year 9 out in the hills.

All of the groups arrived safely to a warm, sunny visitor centre and café, where the buses waited to transfer them back to School.

Duke of Edinburgh camping and hiking trips often provide opportunities, memories, and experiences that last a lifetime. I am in no doubt that this trip has provided all of these things. The hardships that are experienced are also a big part of the learning.

This group of young people should feel very proud and extremely confident in their abilities. It really is a well-done to everyone on a very successful training trip.

These trips would not be possible if it were not for the help and support of the teaching staff at Windermere School, who give up time on their weekends to help.

I am very much looking forward to what is to come for those taking part in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expeditions.

– Mr. Reedy, Outdoor Instruction Teacher


Windermere School Bronze Duke of Edinburgh


Windermere School Bronze Duke of Edinburgh


Windermere School Bronze Duke of Edinburgh


Windermere School Bronze Duke of Edinburgh


Windermere School Bronze Duke of Edinburgh

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