Dress-Up Day at Elleray

16 October 2020

This is not just a Dress-Up Day, this is an Elleray Dress-Up Day!

Today the children are finishing the half-term with themed dress-up days that support their recent learning. Pre-School and Reception are dressed as characters from fairy tales and the costumes have been fantastic. We have seen everything from dragons to princesses and even one of the three little pigs. Year 1 and 2 have dressed in sportswear and have taken part in a very active day. Year 3 and 4 have been learning about the body so have come dressed as skeletons. They are now excellent at naming the bones in the body and a highlight of the day was learning how to do the dance to Thriller in PE.

Year 5 came as characters from their class reading book, Goth Girl. The classroom has been populated with a mouse, an albatross, a chimney sweep, Lord Goth himself, Ava the main character and a chef. They began the day cooking and then eating the dippy eggs and soldiers that they had read about. I tried to find the class earlier and they were not in their usual room, I was informed that they were outside taking part in hobby horse races. Not an everyday occurrence in most schools and certainly not in recent weeks. Year 5 have shown such enthusiasm, they have inspired me to take the book home and read it during the break. I am assured that it is great and that racing around the tennis courts, on a hobby horse, dressed as a mouse will soon make much more sense to me.

Year 6 were all curious creatures, with everything from a duck-billed platypus, to cats and even ET, complete with a bicycle! They happily changed out of their costumes to spend an afternoon of adventure at Hodge Howe.