Life SKILLS with Year 10

2 December 2020

In this school, we pride ourselves on having respect for all people. We recognise that all people are equal. We honour each other’s life choices and individual liberty. To really respect and honour each other we have to ensure we don’t put peer pressure on each other.


To investigate this further, the children in Year 10 were asked to define the term ‘honour’ and to write a poem on this topic. I have attached a small selection of the poems for you to enjoy. Well done Year 10.


Mrs Cooke


A world of honour by Katerina S

Beware of good speakers, words can betray.

Words can be twisted in another way.

I wish you could see honour before lie,

For it is a flag, a flag carried high.

Some people’s flag is splendid and bright,

Gently waving, burns with flames of respect.

Warming the hearts, emissary of light,

Its glow and beauty revive and protect.

Such a flag teaches esteem, tolerance,

Such people believe in other’s valour,

They know where lays the only importance

For this is their conception of honour.

Some people’s flag, all of dirt and despair

Is covered with filth of blood, felony.

Behind anger are hiding years of drear,

Abuse, an everyday tyranny.

Such a flag radiates colours of shame,

Such people walk on a path of horror;

They live in contempt, they murder and blame,

For this is their conception of honour.

We cross a period of cupidity.

Virtues have been buried and we are hence

Surrounded by sheep, by stupidity.

Very few stand to make a difference.

Be noble, be kind, praise equality.

Be wise and always seek one’s true valour.

Raise your flag in a wind of honesty,

To help us building a world of honour.



Honour by Bethany S

Honour a sense of belonging and peace of mind,

The warm feeling of knowing you have made your family proud,

Knowing you have done the best thing,

Honour is serving your country,

Honour is selflessness,

Honour is defiance,

Honour is small gestures,

Honour is kindness,

Honour is generosity,

Honour is reaching your goals,

But the lack of honour is far more dangerous.


Dishonour is a powerful motive,

Driven by acrogens and selfishness,

Honour based violence is greed,

And a want for respect.



Honour by Eddie L

Honour is staying true to the lights of the north, ever flowing in perfect synchronicity.

The purity of individualism and of community, opposing but never apart.

The yellow flame of kindness, radiating from the heart and soul. Guiding the way to the moral beacon of the universe.

From allowing a ladybird to walk across the dinner unharmed to saving someone from others or themselves.

Respect for those around you and for oneself.


The ability to go forth without falling into the void of temptation nor to allow opportunity to pass thee by.

To learn from victory and defeat however treating the encounters just the same.

To not stray away from the task at hand and to come through with all your debt and words.


To be true to the virtues by which you preach and allow nothing to redirect your mind.

To guide others through the fog of existence by which we all inhabit.

To populate the population with nothing but hope and joy

and always be true to yourself,

To create a rhythm and project your voice no matter what the pain,

Because honour will prevail and for all it will sustain.


Honour is loyalty by Milly M

Honour is Loyalty

Honour in the nobility of accepting your flaws

Honour is found by resisting an unmoral force


Honour is Loyalty

Honour is found in self-belief,

Honour is found in the follower as well as the chief.


Honour is loyalty

Honour is sticking to the compass you hold,

Honour is not a prize – it can’t be sold.


Honour is the loyalty you have to your truth.

Honour is the generosity, nobility, dignity

The morality, the loyalty you have for your identity.

– this is honour.



Honour by Zoe S D