Windermere School celebrates superb GCSE results for a very special cohort

25 August 2022

There were celebrations at Windermere School today after pupils received their GCSE results, which demonstrated that pupils have shown true resilience and strength of character on the full return in person examinations. Despite the expected downturn in results after two years of teacher assessed grades, Windermere School pupils have managed to outperform the national pattern with their stellar performance in this year’s exams.



Pupils rose to the challenge and their efforts were rewarded, with over 71% of all grades being awarded at levels 9-6/ A*-B. In addition, over 53% of all grades were a level 7/ grade A or higher for the second successive year, and over 38% of awards were at the highly coveted level 8/ grade A* or above. The overall pass rate was impressive, with over 95% of all grades awarded at level 4/ grade C or above.

There were several excellent performances, including Milly Moore and Katerina Sales achieving 8 level 9s. Luanna Kenny and Thomas Johnson also achieved an amazing set of outcomes with level 8s and 9s/A* across the board. Jing Yuan, Clarissa Cooper, Zoe Sanderson-Davies and Eddie Lewis were also awarded all grades at level 7s/ grade A’s or above.



We are also delighted with the GCSE results achieved by our Year 9 and Year 10 students. 60% of the Biologists in Year 10 achieved a level 7 or above, and particular mention should go to Harriet Read in Year 10 who achieved a level 8 in Biology alongside a level 8 in Geography. Finn Geraghty and Aarupi Javeri in Year 9 both achieved a level 9 in Religious Studies, scoring 99 and 100% respectively!

Windermere School has always demonstrated a consistently high value-added score, and this year was no exception when the figure was a notable +0.56. This figure means that pupils are achieving over a half grade above their GCSE CAT4 predictions.



Headmaster, Mr Tom Hill, said: “Our Year 11 cohort have had much to contend with in recent times. I firmly believe that it is the depth and strength of character that they have developed during their time with us that has shone through in the exam hall and on into these results. Whilst the results are an important milestone for them to have achieved, for me it is the way in which these results have been gained: through sheer determination and a will to succeed.”

Headline statistics:

· 38% of grades were awarded at a level 8 / grade A* or above.

· 53% of grades were awarded at a level 7 / grade A or above.

· 71% of grades were awarded at a level 6/ grade B and above.

· 95% of grades were awarded at a level 4 / grade C or above.