Year 10 – Life Skills

23 March 2021

Year 10 has been buying and selling human rights this week. Through an interactive marketplace activity, some students were ‘human beings’ buying human rights whilst others were ‘human rights owners’ selling human rights.

The human beings needed to buy four human rights that they thought were the most important to their lives. They had a £1,000 budget. The human rights owners needed to sell more human rights than anyone, and for the highest price. The price reflected the importance of the human right. The ‘human beings’ browsed the different market stalls, finding out which human rights were on sale and talking to the human rights owners to find out why they should buy their human rights and their starting price.

Pupils discovered that they never have to choose human rights, they belong to everybody in the world and every human right is needed to live and grow.

Well done Year 10!