Year 10 Mock Interviews

5 February 2021

‘Bringing our international community back together through remote interviews’


As part of the Year 13 IBCP course, we need to run an event and this year decided to combine this requirement with the Year 10 Careers programme. Unlike previous years, we have needed to change and adapt due to recent lockdown rules in the UK. This meant changing the venue and our previous plans and adapting to the new way of teaching at Windermere School which includes remote learning using the application Microsoft Teams.


Despite these circumstances and the distance between different members of the school, we were able to operate internationally, and we managed to interview the majority of Year 10 students with the interviewers conducting their interviews from four different countries including Spain, Russia, Germany and the UK. But we also had interviewees operating in various countries, including Europe and Asia. We asked the Year 10 students questions about life in school, life after school and deeper questions to help give them insight into potential interviews in the future. We saw some Year 10 students being nervous as a positive sign, as it showed to us that they were taking these interviews seriously and in the end all students performed well. All students showed their maturity, and it was interesting to hear about their hopes for the future in and then after school.


Combining both Year 13 students and Year 10 students was an excellent way to bring the school back together, especially in recent times when communication has become more difficult between friends and other members of the school community.


Finally, we would like to thank all the Year 10 students who participated, as we are aware that interviewing is a challenging skill to master, therefore we hope that they enjoyed the process and will feel more comfortable in any interviews they may face in the future.


Jemma Brady and all year 13 IBCP Business students.