Year 4 Adventure – Side Pike in Langdale

6 November 2023

Last Friday, Year 4 enjoyed enviable weather for their Adventure lesson. The pupils studied the OS map before ascending Side Pike in Langdale.

Our innovative Adventure programme sets Windermere School apart. It allows pupils to push their personal boundaries and develop the extra skills that are so vital for a successful life beyond the school gates. Generally, but not exclusively, this takes the form of adventure activities – sailing, paddle sports, climbing, caving, walking and biking.

The benefits of Outdoor Education are varied and wide ranging. This added value can prove extremely hard to measure, many organisations have tried to do so, but it is you, as parents and guardians, who see the development of those hard to measure ‘soft skills’, the confidence, independence, communication skills, resilience and mindset in your young people as they move through school.

These skills are the reason we are so passionate about our Adventure programme and why we ensure it is a central part of the curriculum for all year groups. For us, mindset is the big one. Carol Dweck, a pioneering researcher in the field of motivation, explores why people succeed (or don’t) and how to foster success through the theory of a fixed or growth mindset. Our aim is to develop pupils with a growth mindset, and crucially, for this mindset to extend into their academic learning. Pupils with a growth mindset are aware that failing when being challenged is not a disaster, but instead part of the learning process; they are happy to change or develop and try again.

Well done Year 4, this was a fantastic day of learning!









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