Elleray Readers

24 March 2021

World Book Day is one of the highlights of our School year.

While this year may be slightly different due to lockdown, the children took part in some wonderful activities including a guess the teacher competition, an extreme reading challenge, book review competition and themed English, Art and Drama lessons.

Reading for pleasure is always at the heart of World Book Day. Some of our Year 7 students volunteered to share their love of books by reading their favourite short stories to the children at Elleray. Miss Clark said the children loved listening to them read.


Here are some of the comments made by our readers:


Henry H

Reading with Year 5 was excellent! I read a transformation myth that I wrote myself and they thought it was really good which encourages me to write more stories. If there was another opportunity to read to any year group in Elleray again, I would take it! I would also like to say a massive thank you to Year 5 for having me in their webinar.

Mathew T

It was fun reading to the children in Elleray. They all listened very carefully. I chose the book ‘Colly’s Barn’ as I thought it would be an enjoyable book to read.

Merry L

I thought it was fun to read to them and they were very good listeners. I read ‘Hunt the Snorry’ from Terry Pratchett’s collection of short stories ‘Dragons at Crumbling Castle’. I chose this book because it is quite funny and not too long. I would definitely do this again.


Grace L-S

I really enjoyed reading to the Year 6s it was nice to spend time with them (even though it was over Teams) because I haven’t met most of them yet. They were very engaged and great listeners! I read Chapter 1 Swallows and Amazons because it is very relevant to our school as we all go sailing in adventure, also it has great characters we can all relate to. I would love to do this or something similar again, it was very enjoyable.


Henry W

I quite enjoyed reading to the Elleray pupils. I liked reading to them, it was nice because I’ve never been to Elleray and it was lovely to see them. It was nice meeting them.


Alara C

I really enjoyed reading to the Elleray students because they were really quiet and respectful of the person who was reading. I also really enjoyed listening to Grace reading to one of my friends. I chose a book for young children just to remind the Year 6 to soak up every second of being in Elleray. I had a great time with them.


It shows just how important it is to encourage children to read for pleasure.


Well done everyone!


Mrs Cooke