Gardening Service in Windermere

2 November 2022

How can Windermere School be of service? Year 10 and 11 students have put their best feet forward and have started serving the communities of Windermere and the surrounding area. Led by Mrs @green-fingered’ Gruber, our Head of EAL, students have learned the joy of working as a team, supporting the work of volunteers from the Lakeland Horticultural Society at Holdhird Gardens in Windermere. Protecting potted plants by restoring the cold frames has been a great help to Holehird Gardens in readiness for winter.

Did you know that the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) also accommodates families and supports disadvantaged children, helping all members of the community to experience the Great Outdoors? Year 11 has been furthermore researching how they can help the YHA diversify its facilities to attract the community to its doors.