Summer Concert 2023

20 June 2023

On Friday night we held the annual Summer Concert; Crampton Hall was full to bursting and even though we had closed the blinds and kept everywhere as cool as we could, the temperature was hot!

Our most advanced pupils  showcased their skills and our younger pupils made their first brave steps into the world of public performance.

We were treated to an eclectic range of music, and as Mrs Overton said in her closing speech, we travelled through the genres. Our Junior School pupils were very much part of the show, Maia and Indie played their solos beautifully and then Mr. Sharkey’s Big Bang Group brought the house down with their wonderful drumming.

When it was all over the sun was still shining and pupils, staff and parents left with smiles on their faces! Here are some photos to give you a taste of the wonderful evening we all enjoyed.

You can view all the photographs of the event here > 

– Mrs McCallum Hartley

Junior School

Senior School

Sixth Form