Wednesday 13 March – Year 7 & 10 Parents Evening, 4:20pm – 6:30pm

Wednesday 13 March – IB Showcase Evening, 6pm – 7.30pm

Thursday 14 March – International PI Day

Thursday 14 March – Junior School Music Assembly, 8.30am

Thursday 14 March – Key Stage 2 Parents’ Meetings, 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Thursday 14 March – Adventure Team Race Training 

Friday 15 March – Careers Conference, 8:45am

Friday 15 March – Red Nose Day (Junior School)

Sunday 17 March – Adventure Team Race Training

Monday 18 March – GCSE Drama Showcase

Tuesday 19 March – Years 5 & 6 Parent Meeting, Langdale Common Room 

Tuesday 19 March – Years 7 & 10 Parents Evening, 5.30pm 


Careers Conference – 15 March 2024 

As part of National Careers Week on Friday, March 15, we will be hosting our in-house Careers Conference.

The event will begin at 8:45am with a key speech by an ex-parent, Neil Jurd OBE. Over 30 organisations will be in school attending the event, offering advice on career pathways and the skills students will need.

During this years Careers Conference the focus will be on ‘Skills for the Future’. Whilst we work endlessly to support our students to reach their academic potential, we also aim to develop the skills they are going to need to go out into the world of work. If you are able to attend please let us know by completing this form.

IB Core & TOK Showcase – 13 March 2024

Discover all the exciting opportunities awaiting you in Sixth Form at Windermere School during our upcoming Showcase evening on Wednesday 13 March 2024.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is studied as part of the IBDP and challenges pupils to consider ideas beyond their academic studies and immediate worldviews. The stimulating course is designed to assist the development and understanding of each subject discipline and is assessed by an exhibition and an essay of 1600 words.

The IBCP Core comprises or Personal and Professional Skills, Language Development, Reflective Project and Service Learning and is designed to enhance student’s personal and interpersonal development, with an emphasis on experiential learning. The CP Core bridges the IB academic courses and the career-related study and provides students with a combination of academic and practical skills.

If you are able to attend please let us know by completing this form.